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How to care for a pregnant cat?

Pregnancy in cats lasts a little more than a month, about 9 weeks. This is a responsible time. The owner should show more attention to his nursery and surround her with care. The quality of care affects the well-being of mother cats and babies, so it is important for any owner to know what to look for first. Our 10 simple but important rules will help to build the right care for a pregnant cat.



10 rules for caring for a pregnant cat

1. Diet. The body of a pregnant cat needs more energy, because now it is needed and kittens. Choose a special balanced food for pregnant cats of the superpremium class. He will supply your ward with all the nutrients she needs. The same food you will give the cat during lactation. Look for rulers marked "for pregnant and lactating cats" and make sure that the first ingredient in the composition was meat.

2. Physical activity. Even if your cat is a perpetual motion machine, it’s better to reduce the level of activity during pregnancy. Do not encourage the cat to rush around the house headlong and jump on cabinets.

3. Stress is better not to combine with pregnancy. Repair in the apartment or moving is better to postpone until the kittens are attached, and the cat is fully restored. Protect the cat from irritants so that it does not have to be nervous.

4. Limit communication with children. Even the most accurate child can accidentally frighten or traumatize a cat. Contact a pregnant pet and a child is best minimized.

5. Limit communication with other pets. If there are other animals in the house, try to allow them as little as possible to the pregnant cat. And no matter what they used to be friends. In the future mother wake up new instincts, and her behavior, like the reaction to others, can be unpredictable.

6. Give the cat more freedom. Let her live in her own rhythm, do not disturb her in vain. She spends a lot of energy on carrying offspring and deserves a “vacation”!

7. There is no samovygulu! Samovygul - it is dangerous for any cat, especially for a pregnant woman. Do not leave the cat unattended!

8. If the cat does not yet have “its” place in the house, it's time to create it. Get a special couch with sides and place it in a secluded place, but always at the floor level. Help the cat build a “nest” where she will most likely give birth to kittens.

9. A cat should be supervised by a veterinary specialist. He will follow the health of the future mother, give more accurate instructions for care depending on the condition of the particular cat and will control the birth.

10. Pregnant cats should not be vaccinated, treated for parasites and give pills. The only exceptions are cases when medications are prescribed by a veterinary specialist.

But the main thing - give the cat as much attention as possible, be gentle, caring and inspire her peace of mind. Pregnancy and childbirth - a great stress for the pet, and she will be grateful for your strong master's shoulder!