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How to feed a puppy?

Often in large offspring puppies are stunted and not adapted to life. They are born very small, weight and size does not reach the norm. And the bitch feeds only 6-7 puppies.

Every day, puppies need to gain weight and height, which is the main indicator of good condition and development. A decrease in weight or its stability - an indicator of malnutrition, starvation or disease in general.
If the nursing bitch lacks milk or there is poor development of puppies, it is worth feeding the offspring. With a good development of puppies, the lure should be administered on day 10, and if the growth is a little behind, or a large number of puppies will be introduced into the food much earlier. Whole milk is best for feeding, not diluted, with the addition of sweet tea and eggs. After some time, you can add wheat bread and beef mince.
On the 20th day, the minced meat should be replaced with cut meat, add porridge cooked in broth, fish fillet, cottage cheese, etc. When the puppies feed themselves and do without milk, for about 30 days, you can be left alone.


Puppy food from a month to a year

The puppy along with food should receive and the necessary nutrients for growth and normal development. Attention should be paid to the variety of food, to avoid seasonings and spices that adversely affect the smell of the dog. Food should be not too thick, but not too liquid. Utensils for feeding should choose enameled, zinc and copper utensils is unacceptable to use.

It is not recommended to feed puppies that have reached the age of one month with minced meat. The stomach and intestines must work actively, and the stuffing is not fully able to digest itself. Fish fillets, milk, raw eggs and carrots, cottage cheese, yogurt, porridge (rice, millet, oatmeal) - the puppy's body assimilates these products perfectly. Bones should be given after feed, only you need to choose large and cooked ones, bird birds are strictly prohibited.

How to feed the puppies correctly?

Fish oil is very useful for puppies, its dose can be from a few drops to 2-3 spoons per day. When stomach upset, fat should be excluded from the diet. Vitamin D and A are present in the oil solution. At each meal, the puppy must add calcium glycerophosphate, starting from half a pill to two tablets. Already in seven months, you can give 5-10 tablets. A puppy bowl should be left with charcoal and chalk, he will eat them with pleasure. The puppy's body may also need some vitamins, which it can get from beet, cabbage or carrot tops. They should also be added to food with finely chopped and scalded nettles.



A young puppy needs more protein feed. From breed, age and appetite of a puppy, it depends on how much feed you need. Some breeders advise: the rate of one puppy feeding in 1-2 months is 1 cup, in 2-4 months - 2 cups - 1 liter, in 4-6 months - 1-1.5 liters, and in 6-11 months - 1.5-2 liters .

The bowl should be empty after feeding. With the rest of the feed, the portion should be reduced, and vice versa - increased, especially with too long lick the bowl. Bowl with food to clean. Invalid feeding with hands and spoons. Feeding the dog near the dinner table is also unacceptable. Teasing near the bowl, to improve the appetite is also impossible.

Leftover food must be completely eaten. It is not necessary to replace the constant food with something more delicious, since the puppy can completely refuse healthy food. Sometimes this food leads to a puppy's lack of appetite. In summer, you need to leave water for a puppy, and in the winter semi-liquid food replaces the need for it by 90 percent.