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The Comfort Revolution: Top 5 Innovative Cat Furniture of the Season

Any change in your interior is usually a cause of stress for your feline companions. However, that's not the case when your home is graced with furniture designed especially for your fluffy friends. We've prepared five new releases for this season that will leave every tail wagging. There is no stress, just relaxation, enjoyment, and new avenues for play and engaging cat activities. Meet cat furniture, raising the bar on your cat's comfort.

Cat Furniture for Large Cats: Robust, Practical, and Safe

You asked, and we did it. And it's not just one item; it's an entire series of furniture designed for large cat breeds. The standout feature of these towers, houses, beds, and cat wall shelves for large cats is their strength and safety. Constructed from natural wood, they boast impressive durability and can withstand loads of over 30 kg. If standard cat shelves, scratchers, and houses are too small, the large cat shelf, house, wall climber, or tower is the perfect space for your cat's active play, jumping, climbing, and resting. The series is also distinguished by its exclusive futuristic design and a wide array of colors, allowing you to choose the perfect match for any room.

Honeycomb Cat Shelves

Give your cats a sweet spot to relax with honeycomb cat shelves. They can be wall-mounted individually or combined to create a system of convenient beds, hideaways, and climbing spots. The cat hexagon wall shelf can feature either fully enclosed spaces or openings, making it an intriguing solution both in terms of functionality and design. Cats adore these climbing structures, as they can spend time not only inside the honeycomb cat shelves but also on top of them. They also pair perfectly with other cat furniture options, including stepped shelves and bridges, making them an attractive gift for any kitten.

Privacy with Style: The Enclosed Cat Litter House

Let's face it; nobody enjoys the sight or smell of a cat litter box. That's where enclosed cat litter houses come into play. These stylish and functional pieces of cat furniture double as a discreet litter box holder and a cozy hideaway for your cat. Thanks to the enclosed cat litter box, there will be no odor in your home, and your cat can relish its privacy. What's more, the top section of the litter box house opens, offering access to a spacious shelf for cat accessories, such as a litter scoop and furminator.

Two-Story Cat Apartments: Luxury Living for Your Kitty

Cats are curious creatures, and they love to have their own space. Two-story stylish cat towers offer a touch of luxury to your home. These spacious condos feature built-in hideaways, scratchers, and extra shelving. Your cat can nap on the top level, play in the middle, and scratch to their heart's content on the bottom. It's a comprehensive solution that adds an element of elegance to your interior.

The Cozy Corner Hammock

Cat hammock beds traditionally have a soft base woven from cotton or linen rope, but this time, we decided to create something unique: a cat hammock bowl. The base is made of natural wood, capable of withstanding significant loads and various usage conditions. The core of this cat hammock, however, is made of transparent acrylic, allowing your cat to rest while observing everything that's happening around it. The hammock shelf also has a corner design, making it easy to place even in compact rooms where space is at a premium.

These are just a few of this season's innovations. Look for more in the WowHelperCo collection and treat your fluffy friends to innovative cat furniture that elevates their comfort, enriches their environment, and complements your home's decor. Whether you have a large cat needing sturdier furniture, a playful explorer seeking hideaways, or a cat valuing its private life, there's a piece of cat furniture designed to cater to their every need.