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Why does a cat have a mustache?

What are cat whiskers called correctly and what are they like?

Cats' whiskers grow not only under the nose, but also on the forehead, near the eyes, on the chin and even on the paws. More precisely, the correct name for them is not "whiskers", but "vibrissae". These are hard, sensitive hairs that are longer than the coat. In total, there are about 40 of such hairs on the cat's body, and only 24 of them are on the muzzle.

Unlike simple hair, vibrissae are surrounded by hundreds of nerve endings and muscle fibers, and their root goes deep into the tissue.

Each vibrissa is a separate organ of touch, which, 24 hours a day, uninterruptedly transmits a signal to the brain of an animal. Vibrissae is not only in cats, but also in many other mammals, including dogs.



What does a cat need a mustache for?

Vibrissae pick up the slightest vibrations of air and help cats navigate in space. With such “instruments”, a cat, even at night in an unfamiliar room, will not crash into objects, it always considers the mouse and will accurately calculate the distance of the jump.

Vibrissae help the cat to understand whether food is safe. In the wild, a hunter seems to be wrapping around a caught mouse with a mustache, determining whether the prey is dead and whether it is possible to start a meal. Similarly, the pet analyzes the food and treats at home. Caution in such matters is never superfluous!

Vibrissae serve cats to communicate with each other and with a person. By the position of the whiskers, the attentive host will always determine the mood of the pet.

Is it possible to cut a mustache cat?

Is it possible to shorten a cat's mustache? Any expert will answer: in no case. Vibrissae is an important organ, the loss of which will result in severe stress for a cat. A cat that suddenly lost a mustache will become less oriented in space and will feel defenseless and vulnerable until new ones grow.

Adults must explain to children that they cannot pull out a cat's mustache. In addition to the loss of functions, it is also very painful, since the vibrissae, unlike wool, are rooted deep in the fabric. Cats' whiskers must remain inviolable!

Do cats grow mustache?

In place of the fallen whiskers, new ones will surely appear. Vibrissae grow about three times faster than regular wool, which again indicates their importance to the pet. No whiskers cats anywhere!

Take care of your cat's mustache, because they protect it!