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Why does a dog need a collar?

Why does a dog need a collar?
Today, the use of a collar is an integral part of dog walking. And the absence of such an accessory for an animal that is in public places may threaten the pet owner with a rather impressive fine. Some types of collars are used to facilitate the process of training, help control the behavior of the dog and contribute to obedience. In addition, many modern models have a certain decorative function and can serve as a real dog decoration.

How to choose the size of the collar?
The collar is selected with the obligatory consideration of the size and age of the pet, as well as the peculiarities of its coat, temperament and goals with which this dog accessory is purchased. Everyday collars should be strong enough, but not too stiff and not traumatic to the pet, tight-fitting neck, but comfortable and comfortable to wear. The material used in the manufacture, should not be very shedding, but also should keep its shape well and be durable.

How to teach a dog to the collar?
Usually puppies are taught to wear a collar from the age of three months, but very gradually, so as not to arouse in the four-legged pet feelings of fear or disgust for such a mandatory accessory. If the animal did not wear a collar from an early age, then it obviously will not react to such an innovation with a feeling of delight, therefore in the very first days of schooling the dog is able to spin or itch and also flee from the worn accessory.