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Cat wooden litter box+TRAY as GIFT

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Furniture such as litter boxes for cats gives them a sense of comfort, privacy, and safety.

Cat litter box hiding furniture is made of plywood and treated with water-based paint or varnish, making it a convenient and environmentally friendly solution.

At the same time, the litter box is modern cat furniture with a stylish appearance, so it won't spoil the interior wherever you place it. In addition to the sense of feline privacy, owners also benefit because the odor is contained inside the box house and does not spread throughout the house. 

The top of the house is equipped with a spacious shelf with a fold-out countertop, convenient for storing various cat treasures: a fur brush, a toilet scoop, leashes, and more.

Kittens can also climb onto the house's "roof " and enjoy this solution's benefits. Therefore, having just one new element of cat furniture gives you a whole range of advantages. 

The item is available in 5 colors: Natural wood, Dark wood, Black, White and Gray.


Height 60 cm 23.6 in
Length 55 cm 21.6 in
Width 39 cm  15.3 in