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Elevated Cat Feeder with Acrylic Bowls

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The compact and highly convenient feeder for your cats and dogs will become a stylish accent in your interior! 

The sturdy, stable, and eco-friendly base made of birch plywood will prevent your pets from tipping over the bowls and spilling food on the floor, ensuring a clean and tidy feeding area. 

The cat bowls are made of eco-friendly acrylic, a material that is as lightweight as plastic, but does not release toxic compounds when in contact with food.

These bowls are transparent like glass, but the material is extremely durable. Acrylic does not scratch easily, is hard to break, and can be easily cleaned in hot water, eliminating all harmful bacteria.

We use non-toxic finishes to enhance the natural wood texture. 

This is an ideal choice for playful and active cats and small dog breeds. 

The item is available in 5 colors: Natural wood, Dark wood, Black, White and Gray.


Height  6 cm 2.3 in
 Width  14 cm 5.5 in
Length 28 cm 11 in
Diameter 9 cm 3.5 in