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About us


Welcome to our store!

A few words about us - for many years our team has been developing and producing wooden cat accessories. We craft our items with great affection using high-quality birch plywood, safe lacquer and water-based paints.

We pay a lot of attention and creativity to our products, because we believe that every cat deserves to get the best. We want our fluffy friends to have its own area for playing and relaxation! At the same time our furniture becomes an aesthetic addition to any interior!

The mission of a cat furniture store is to create a comfortable and healthy environment for your beloved feline companions. We understand that cats are not just pets but family members who deserve the best. The furniture we offer is designed to satisfy the instinctual needs of cats for play, rest, and exploration.

The goal of our store is to combine quality, functionality, and design in products that will delight both cats and their owners. We aim for every cat to feel happy and secure, while you enjoy aesthetically pleasing and practical solutions for your home's interior.

We believe that every whisker, paw, and purr deserves luxury and love. Elevate your cat's living experience to new heights with our unique furniture—after all, a happy cat means a happy home. Unleash the inner lion in your feline friend, and let them reign over their personalized kingdom in style!