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1 Big Designer Cat House with a Flat Flange

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A large cat shelf with a flat flange is a perfect solution for your furry explorer.

This cat furniture is designed for long-term use and caters to the needs of larger cat breeds, offering maximum space and comfort.

Constructed from sturdy plywood and safe acrylic, this cat shelf is environmentally friendly. It is coated with water-based paints, making it safe for your furry friends.

Moreover, transparent acrylic is a safe alternative to glass as it is non-fragile, facilitating easy installation and ensuring long-lasting use without compromising its appearance.

This large wall-mounted cat shelf features a hexagonal shape that not only looks stylish and modern but also complements other cat furniture seamlessly.

Honeycomb is available in 5 colors: Natural wood, Dark wood, Black, Gray and White.


 Height 43 cm 16.9 in
Length 59.5 cm 23.4 in