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Cat Big Hexagon with an Acrylic Window

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The new large hexagonal shelf is crafted from premium-grade birch plywood, making these wooden wall-mounted cat furniture pieces robust and capable of withstanding substantial weight.

These wall-mounted cat shelves can support loads of up to 30 kg or more, promoting physical activity for larger cats and providing the essential space for relaxation and observation, fulfilling their natural instincts. 

Its surface is coated with hypoallergenic lacquer or water-based paints, making it resilient to the rigors of active usage and easy to clean from dirt. Importantly, it doesn't emit toxic compounds.

Transparent acrylic material is considerably stronger and less brittle compared to traditional glass.

Honeycomb is available in 5 colors: Natural wood, Dark wood, Black, Gray and White.


 Height 43cm 16.9in
Length 59.5 cm 23.4in