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Corner Bubble Shelf for Large Cats

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Your cats will be delighted because we have prepared an original Corner Bubble Shelf for them, which attaches to the wall and provides a sanctuary of comfort and tranquility for your furry friends. 

This wall-mounted cat shelf is designed for corner placement, making it a very practical solution for saving valuable space in small living spaces.

The corner shelf for large breed cats has a sturdy wall-mounted wooden base combined with an original cat bed.

The wall-mounted cat bed is made of acrylic glass, which can withstand significant loads (acrylic glass is less fragile than regular glass), making it ideal for larger cats. Additionally, this material is easy to care for and difficult to damage – a perfect combination for cat furniture. 

The item is available in 5 colors: Natural wood, Dark wood, Black, Gray, White.


Heigth 46,8 cm 18,3 in
Length 57,5 cm  22,6 in