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Cozy Couch-Shelf for Large Cats

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The large cat wall shelf for large cats will provide your Maine Coons with just the space they need for quality relaxation.

This cozy and dozy cat shelf can serve as feline bed, especially if complemented with a soft cushion. You can install the large cat wall shelf at any height and in any corner of your home. 

We use only the finest materials to create this super-comfortable wall-mounted cat bed. The structure's base is high-quality birch plywood, and the coating consists of water-based paints

This stylish and elegant shelf for large cats is a true throne for your furry friend. Here, your large cat can hide from all worries, rest peacefully, or observe everything around them. 

The item is available in 5 colors: Natural wood, Dark wood, Black, White and Gray.


Height  16 cm  6.3 in
Length 40 cm 15.7 in
Width  46.5cm 18.1 in