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Giant Wood Tower for Large Cats

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The stylish two-story cat tower bed is the perfect cozy apartment for one or two lucky cats. 

This luxurious cat tower bed is expertly crafted from birch plywood and finished with safe, water-based paints.

Side shelves-steps serve as a ladder, which helps to get to the top shelf of the shelf.

Each step is covered with felt: thanks to this, the surface does not allow accidental sliding, so the use of the shelf will be neat.

Each shelf is protected by side slats, which form a comfortable bed, well support the pillow inside, and also protect the wall, near which this shelf is placed, from dirt.  

For added comfort, consider placing soft pillows in the cat tower's sleeping areas, ensuring your cats have the ultimate relaxation experience. 

The items is available in 4 colors: Natural wood+Dark wood, Natural wood+Black, Natural wood+Gray and Natural wood+White.


 Height 190 cm  74.5 in
Length 42 cm  16.2 in
Width 109 cm  42.3 in