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Honeycomb Bubble Cat Shelf

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Honeycomb Bubble Cat Shelf is a stylish interior element that allows your cat to play, relax, and observe the household from a cozy corner behind a safe acrylic window.

The Honeycomb Bubble wall shelf can be easily mounted on the wall using the included mounting kit. It allows you to place the shelf conveniently wherever you choose.

Thanks to its vertical placement, the shelf effectively utilizes space in your home.

The shelf is made from high-quality wooden plywood, which is sturdy and durable

It can withstand your cat's weight and ensures safety during use.

The item is available in 5 colors: Natural wood, Dark wood, Black, Gray, White.


Height 43,5 cm 17,1 in
Length 49 cm 19,3 in
 Width 26,5 cm 10,4 in