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Middle Tower for Large Cat Breeds

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Floor-standing two-tier cat shelves are perfect for large cat breeds, as they can support a weight of 30 kg or even more. 

The luxurious and stylish cat tower with two shelves can be complemented with a cushion, making your pet's resting place even more comfortable and cozy.

This comfy cat furniture is crafted from strong and high-quality birch plywood, ensuring that the product can withstand demanding usage conditions while maintaining its excellent appearance over time.

Additionally, this guarantees the eco-friendliness of the cat tower and its safety for your cat's health, especially since the surface of the cat tower is coated with hypoallergenic lacquer or water-based paints.

The item is available in 4 colors: Natural wood+Dark wood, Natural wood+Black, Natural wood+White and Natural wood+Gray.


 Height 78.2 cm 30.8 in
Length 42 cm 16.5 in
Width 79.2 cm 31.1 in