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Cat Shelf-Flower with an Acrylic Bowl

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This unique cat furniture is designed for those who appreciate the art of graceful observation, tranquil relaxation, and the serene slumber of their furry companions.

In lieu of traditional glass, we've opted for a safety-conscious acrylic flange for the bowl, ensuring even the liveliest kitties can enjoy it without a worry.

The base of our wall-mounted cat shelf is meticulously crafted from exceptionally durable birch plywood, offering longevity and stability. It is adorned with water-based paints, chosen for their harmlessness to your cats' health and the environment. 

Despite its space-saving design, this modern-looking cat shelf takes up very little wall space, adding an exquisite touch to your surroundings. It is built to last, requires minimal upkeep, and is effortlessly cleaned from any accumulated dirt.

The item is available in 5 colors: Natural wood, Dark wood, Black, Gray and White.


Length 49,5 cm 19,5 in
Width 52,5 cm 20,7 in
Heigth  17,9 cm 7,7 in