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Multifunctional Playground Set for Active Cats

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The set consists of a two-level tall cat tower with cozy perches featuring high edges for your cat's comfort and to keep the surroundings clean during active use.

The tower includes a bridge ladder connecting it to a wall-mounted shelf bed. For easier access to the upper level, the tower is equipped with steps. Additionally, a side-mounted scratching post with a cotton twine base is provided.

These furniture pieces are thoughtfully designed for large cat breeds, offering ample space, durability to withstand over 30 kg of weight, and the opportunity for various feline activities.

Steps are integrated into the tower design to facilitate your cat's movement to the upper level. Three small steps in the set allow the cat to climb, jump, and move from one shelf to another easily. A heart-shaped shelf adds a stylish and functional element to this set, catering to the needs of large cats.

These cat furniture pieces crafted from birch plywood are built to endure long-term use. They are coated with water-based paints, blending seamlessly with contemporary interiors.

The items is available in 4 colors: Natural wood+Dark wood, Natural wood+Black, Natural wood+Gray and Natural wood+White.


Tall tower sizes:

 Height 190 cm  74.5 in
Length 42 cm  16.2 in
Width 109 cm  42.3 in


 Shelf-Heart step sizes:

Height  41.7cm 16.4 in
Length 25 cm  9.8 in
Width 36 cm  14.2 in


Small step sizes:

Heigth 17 cm   6.7 in
Width 27 cm 10.6 in
Length 38.5 cm 15.1 in