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Cute Shelf-Flower with a Cap

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We've designed this innovative wall-mounted round shelf with an acrylic glass window – it's like a personal aquarium for your cat.

The set consists of two key elements: a sturdy birchwood base and an acrylic glass cat house.

The wooden base of the product is designed for long-term use, and the acrylic bubble retains its transparency for a long time and is stronger than ordinary glass.

With this stylish and functional cat furniture, your furry friend will have a comfortable and secure space to observe their surroundings from their fluffy perch.

The item is available in 5 colors: Natural wood, Dark wood, Black, Gray and White.


Heigth 35,9 cm 14.1 in
Width  52,5 cm  20,7 in
Length 49,5 cm 19,5 in