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Set of 4 Cat Steps with Roping

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Tired of your cat's endless adventures? Tired of them constantly jumping on cabinets, refrigerators, or kitchen tables?

Of course, it's their natural instinct, but there's a safe and stylish alternative to these risky cat expeditions—wall-mounted cat steps!

We have made them from high-quality plywood and rope so that your cat has a place to exercise and enjoy new adventures and heights with each step.

You can choose varnish or various colors to ensure that the wall-mounted cat steps perfectly blend into your interior. This functional and stylish set of steps awaits your fluffy paws: order the entertainment your cat is guaranteed to love!

The items are available in 5 colors: Natural wood, Dark wood, Black, White and Gray.


Height 8 cm 3.1 in
Length 18 cm 7.1 in
Width 22 cm  8.6 in