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Set of 8 Wall-mounted Cat Climbers

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This set includes 8 different wall-mounted cat climbers: 4 hexagon-shaped cat shelves with various designs, 3 step shelves, allowing your cat to climb easily into their little house without knocking anything down on the way.

And there's one more surprise: the cat hammock “Drop.” It's a unique cat hammock with a transparent acrylic bottom that lets your kitty feel as cozy as by the window or in a box, where they love to climb. 

Each element in the set is made from high-quality and safe materials, ensuring durability, comfort, and safety for your cat.

The base of all shelves, stairs, and cat houses is from premium birch plywood.

Transparent components are made of acrylic sheeting, which is safer than glass because it's difficult to break, much warmer, and more pleasant to the touch. It provides maximum comfort for your furry friends in such a cozy hideaway.

The items are available in 5 colors: Natural wood, Dark wood, Black, White and Gray.


Honeycomb sizes:

Heigth 43.5 cm 17.1 in
Width 26.5 cm 10.4 in
Length 49 cm  19.3 in

Drop shelf sizes:

Heigth 17.9 cm 7.7 in
Length 65 cm 25.6 in

Round step sizes:

Heigth 15 cm 5,9 in
 Length 16 cm 6,2 in