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Cat Wall Scratching Tower

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The best exercise for kitty paws and claws comes in the form of a tall and stylish cat tree tower that helps maintain their claws and provides space to jump, climb, and rest up high. 

The base of the wall-mounted cat tower with shelves is made from super-strong birch plywood, while the cat scratching post is crafted from bamboo fiber rope, ensuring long-lasting use. The material is durable, and the wall-mounted design guarantees maximum safety.

An exciting product feature is that each scratching shelf is lined with fabric. Caring for the fabric is simple: it can be easily cleaned from fur and dirt with any clothing brush.

Thanks to this, the shelves become beautiful and pleasant to the touch – your cat will enjoy using these cozy elements.

The items are available in 5 colors: Natural wood, Dark wood, Black, White and Gray.


Height  157 cm 61 in