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Stylish bed for LARGE CATS with a pillow

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This bed is a true dream for cats of large breeds (such as Maine Coons), or even for small dogs. Sleeping in such a cozy corner is a pure purring pleasure.

Made from high-quality premium birch plywood and finished with water-based lacquer or paint, this bed not only looks luxurious but is also incredibly comfortable for your fluffy friend.

The set also includes a soft velvet pillow that matches the bed's dimensions, serving as a mattress for your cat. The pillow's surface is both gentle and pleasant to the touch, yet very easy to clean from fur.

The bed's side handles will allow you to easily move it to any place in your home: next to your sleeping area or even onto a windowsill, where your pet can enjoy the view of nature, birds, and everything happening around.

The item is available in 5 colors: Natural wood, Dark wood, Black, White and Gray.


Heigth 41 cm 16.1 in
Length 68 cm 26.7 in
Width  42 cm  16.5 in