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Tall Cat Tower and 2 Steps for Big Cats

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A set consisting of 1 large cat tower and 2 small steps offers a combination of practicality and stylish design for your feline friends.

Two wall-mounted step-shelves with non-slip surfaces covered in felt make this sat wall-mounted furniture perfect for active cats to jump and climb onto.

Additionally, there's a tall two-level cat tower with side steps, creating a convenient ladder for easy access to the upper platform.

All the elements are tailored to the needs of large cats. They are crafted from birch plywood and designed to withstand heavy use for years

Floor cat house and wall-mounted cat steps can support up to 30 kg, ensuring durability and longevity of this furniture.  

The items is available in 4 colors: Natural wood+Dark wood, Natural wood+Black, Natural wood+Gray and Natural wood+White.


Cat tower:

 Height 190 cm  74.5 in
Length 42 cm  16.2 in
Width 109 cm  42.3 in


Cat step:

Heigth 17 cm   6.7 in
Width 27 cm 10.6 in
Length 38.5 cm 15.1 in